Fire Flower

There are few things nicer than sitting around a campfire, watching the sparks rise into the sky and staring into the incandescent red and yellow heart of the fire.

There are two things that can take away from it – a breeze, and the fact that while your front may be toasty warm, your back gets cold.

The Fire Flower is a proposed installation with sheets of curving reflective metal installed around a campfire. The sheets curve over towards a point to create a parabolic reflector that, like a lens, would reflect heat and light back towards the centre of the fire. The vanes would be staggered and overlap in order to provide shelter from the wind while still allowing for easy entrance to and from the campfire area.

The fire grate would be surrounded by a round stone bench.

The Fire Flower could be installed either in public parks or on private property, creating a sheltered space that appeals to the primal satisfaction derived from gathering together for warmth and light in a natural setting. Made from durable materials, it is beautiful both day and night.

If you are interested in such an installation, e-mail us at

This is an idea I’ve had for a while to create a space around a campfire. The “petals” would be sheets of a reflective metal.


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