“The Pugilist” Keyboard

I’ve come up with an idea for a giant computer keyboard that users would operate by punching the keys as if they were boxing. The idea is to have a keyboard that only uses large muscle movements, instead of the small muscle movements characteristic of keyboards and mice.

It would be used almost exclusively for word processing. To replace the use of a mouse, I am planning a huge joystick along the same principles (large muscles only), which will be called “The Elephant.”

The keyboard would be set in a semi-spherical backing approximately 2ft high and 3ft wide, supported on a sturdy mount held up by an adjustable arm so users could lower or raise the keyboard to the appropriate level for their height.

The keyboard’s base would be a half-sphere, weighted at the bottom to provide stability.

The top half of the sphere would provide ventilated space for the user’s computer, as well as cords to attach the computer by USB to the keyboard, and a shelf for a projector that would project with the user’s desktop onto a wall or screen.

The interior would also include a power bar for the computer or projector.

The keyboard, keys and support arm would all have to be heavy-duty in order to withstand multiple blows. Heavy duty switches would be used but would still have to be light enough to allow for keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl-S, etc.)

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