Advertising Manitoba in the 1950s

Travel Manitoba’s current ad campaign is based on the negative prefix “Un-” (UNforgettable, UNearthed, UNleashed, UNreal, UNPlugged, UNrivalled)

Every year  Travel Manitoba puts out a magazine, which hasn’t been altered much in the last years. There are a lot of pictures of people’s backs, because they haven’t secured the rights or permission to people’s faces.

I found this promotional brochure from the early 1950s, which (with the exception of the catchphrase “Inside the Rim of Adventure”) actually has better style and content than most of the province’s current promo materials, while advertising many of the same sights and attractions – including the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and the Symphony.

It also features streetcars, a downtown stadium next to the Legislature, and a positive depiction of an aboriginal person. Well done, 1950s Manitoba.

There are also a lot more images of women in bathing suits lounging on boardwalks, fishing, or embracing baby deer than you would ever see in a tourism brochure today – 1950s pin-up-style, to be precise. To excess, I would  say, though I would prefer a young fresh face, male or female, to the  wrinkled face of a man in his 50s currently in use on one of Travel Manitoba’s billboards in North Dakota.

Here is the link to the document in pdf – (WARNING 11 Megs!)

Manitoba-Inside the Rim of Adventure

or browse the pictures below.

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