Panoramic Photos

If you are renting a space, or selling a house, flat photos can make it hard to convey what it’s really like to be in the space.

A panoramic photo can change that.

Using a camera with a fisheye lens, and special software to stitch pictures together, you can put a photo on your website that allows visitors to look up, down, and all around a space – whether it’s a ballroom, a conference centre, or a house for sale or rent.

You can give them the feeling of what it’s like to really be there.

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Click on the photos and links below to get a sense of what a panoramic photo can offer.

The Exchange District

University Centre at the University of Manitoba

Sargent Sundae on Portage Avenue

Leo Mol Statue in the English Garden at Assiniboine Park

The pool outside the Leo Mol Gallery in the English Garden at Assiniboine Park

The Hut at the English Garden in Assiniboine Park

The Pavilion at Assiniboine Park – North Terrace

The Pavilion at Assiniboine Park – South Terrace

The Statue of Louis Riel on the banks of the Assiniboine River, South of the Manitoba Legislature

Waterfront Drive and a Statue of the Selkirk Settlers

Portage and Main – At the Foot of the Richardson Building

The Oodena Observatory and Gathering Place at the Forks

The Bridge Over the Assiniboine River at the Forks at Sunset

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