Clandestine Anomaly Animatics

Jetpack Media has been working with ZenFri Inc., an awesome creative startup in Winnipeg, on a groundbreaking AR (Augmented Reality) game for smartphones.

Corey King runs ZenFri, and he’s developed a really cool idea for a new way playing mobile adventure games.

We’ve been doing writing, editing and strategic communications work with them, but also preparing some storyboards and animatics for video production.

The idea behind this video is that if you are standing in a park and looking through your iPhone or Smartphone, you’ll see 3D characters who will interact with you in real time.

You’ll use your smartphone as a controller and communications device.

Using wireframe models developed for the game, Jetpack Media provided the animation and audio – including SFX and simulated speech – to show programmers and producers an idea of how the technology would appear and move in virtual space.

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