Strategy & PR

Why use PR?

Strategic communications and public relations can be about getting your name in the paper – or keeping your name out of it.

But it’s also a cost-effective way of promoting your organization, your products and services, especially compared to the cost of print, TV or radio advertising. One of our current clients is, a company that sells royalty-free music.

We have years of expertise in generating tens of thousands of dollars worth of “earned media” with a public relations campaign.

We can help coordinate media events, press release writing, editing, and distribution, and participate in strategic communications planning for your organization.

This year, our communications work for clients has resulted in many stories on both local and national Canadian media, including Maclean’s magazine, national coverage on CTV, several cover stories on the Winnipeg Free Press, and coverage by CBC Radio, CBC TV, CTV, Global-TV, CJOB, the Ottawa Citizen and more.

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