The advent of digital video production has made professional-quality images affordable: but you still need expertise to make your product effective.

Our production expertise runs the gamut from scripting and directing to video editing and music scoring. We can provide you with a final DVD or convert your video for use on the internet.

Here are some examples of videos we have produced:

This was for Destination Winnipeg’s site, It has over 110,000 views.

This is a time-lapse video of the Winnipeg River Trail created for Destination Winnipeg. It has over 6,500 views.

This is a viral video for the Destination Winnipeg website, Incredibly Cool. It has over 50,000 views:

This is a TV ad for the Highlands of Durham Games in Ontario.

This was an introduction for The Manitoba Museum Planetarium

This Manitoba Historical Video was produced to be shown to the crowd on jumbotrons at Manitoba Gala for the Golden Jubilee of the Queen Elizabeth II in October 2002, and the official rededication of the Golden Boy.